About the Project

Our Aims

Aim of our project was to create a multimedia textbook that would cover selected chapters of biochemistry, physiology and histology of man. There should be an effective combination of text, illustrative diagrams, pictures, animations and accompanying instructional video. At the end of chapters, we put tasks for repetition and especially deeper understanding of the topic. There is an option to download textbook for free in iBooks textbook format.



178332_3553393961239_544512432_o MUDr. Jan Trnka, Ph.D.
Mada Patrik Maďa
Ivak MUDr. Peter Ivák
MUDr. Petra Lavríková
Novakova MUDr. Lucie Nováková
Pavelka Martin Pavelka
Martinka MUDr. Martina Šajdíková

Smida Jan Šmída

Blankova Bětka Blanková
Petr Vojtěch Petr
RNDr. Pavla Balínová
Dyba Jonáš Dyba
Kroupa MUDr. Josef Kroupa
Mezera MUDr. Vojtěch Mezera
Kyselica Miroslav Kyselica
Polách Jakub Polách
Pavlinkova Adéla Pavlínková
DusikovaKristýna Dusíková

Final Word and Acknowledgement

The team of authors acknowledge the support of the University Development Fund (Ministry of Education), without which such a large project could never arise. Basic medical fields experience in recent years dramatic changes. We will try to update this book continuously according to the latest discoveries, so that at any moment the information reported be to date. We hope that this textbook will be beneficial for undergraduate students, especially students in the masters program. The project was supported by: FRVŠ 637/2013 and 236078/IPUK/2015