Biochemistry, physiology and histology of man, which are taught at all medical and paramedical faculties, are disciplines crucial for the understanding of the following study fields. Due to their widespread interconnection we wanted to create multimedia textbooks, which would remove boundaries among them, but the clarity and integrity of the text would be still preseved. Text contain clinical correlations that should partially explain to students of medical faculties – future doctors – how tey can used theoretical knowledge for their future clinical work. Functional subjects play an essential role today. The predominance of pharmacotherapy over invasive procedures greatly emphasizes their importance. Every day doctors in their offices encounter patients who suffer from cardiovascular, metabolic, neurological and oncological diseases. These are manifested in impaired functions whose description enables just Physiology and Medical Biochemistry . Without detailed knowledge of these fields, doctor can not be able to predict the further course of the disease and especially to design proper and effective therapy for the patient.

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